Swisscom Insights – Web App

CLIENT: Swisscom AG


PROJECT: Mobility Insights


Swisscom Insights is a web tool for city planners, marketers and retail owners. It provides an information about people movement in any area selected by user. User can select a predefined areas or create custom ones, to receive data accordingly. Data is collected from a mobile devices, then it's anonymised and aggregated. Results are shown as Trip count graphs, Transport mode charts, Demographics distribution and many more.


ROLES: Product Owner, Product Design, UX Design, Visual Design, User Testing


This time I got an opportunity to define the product from the scratch. I was involved with business representatives in defining core features and business model. At the same time, I was working in production together with developers – providing assets for implementation and making ad-hoc decision so production runs smoothly. Each production cycle was followed with user testing, and features refinement based on testing results. I gained a lot of knowledge, being involved in each segment of product's development.



Homescreen - Swisscom Insights

··  Homescreen  ··

On a homescreen user will find a map of Switzerland and a list of predefined areas of the map. User can choose one of the ares to preview data and to buy data sets.


··  Drawing Tool  ··

By default user is offered with predefined areas to choose from, but there is an additional possibility to draw areas manually. Explaining functionalities is a major part of user on-boarding, handled by animated tooltips.


··  Purchase tip  ··

User is guided through the process of adding additional time frames to his/hers report.


··  Purchase process  ··

The calendar component has a multiple usages. For already purchased time periods, it is used to filter out data in a given time range. Additionally, it is used to purchase more time frames. The colour of time periods added to basket match the colour of CTA button. Idea is to clearly highlight which period is about to be purchased and which periods are already there.

Visualization - Swisscom Insights

··  Trips overview  ··

Visualisation play significant role in making data simple to understand for all the users. Graphs are interactive, providing additional information on hover.


··  Demographics  ··

Among all the different data visualisations offered in Mobility Insights, demographics is one of my favourite, as it is very visual and straight forward.


··  Filters and Tip  ··

One of the major design challenges was to represent filters in meaningful and intuitive way. Data is grouped in several different ways and each of them has more than a few filtering options.


··  Heatmaps  ··

One of the features planned for a future releases is Heatmaps. It is near real time representation of crowd movement.