Etops Finance – Mobile App



PROJECT: Etops Finance Mobile App


Etops AG provides a series of products for digital finance. I was invited to design their new mobile app. It was built based on functionalities of existing Etops web app.


ROLES: Product Design, UX Design, Visual Design, Branding


Before I started my work on this project, first version of the app was developed. Collaboration started as a branding project, then continued as a product design task. I redefined a complete user flow, reorganising layouts and restructuring information display.





··  Portfolios  ··

Homescreen provides overview on all the portfolios, transactions, reports and news. Only necessary information is displayed, so user can quickly decide where to focus. Portfolio is represented with total amount, performance and simplified performance chart. When user taps portfolio card, new screen opens. Portfolio overview is given with more details and different tabs with different visualisations.


··  Sunburst Wheel  ··

When visualising industries breakdown, I went with sunburst chart. Industries and sub-categories are far too many. This is why chart has two rings and two levels of controls - swipe for category and tabs for sub-categories.


··  Filtering  ··

Search is supported with advanced filtering, that triggers on icon in upper right. Based on the content and functionality of a single filter, different UI elements are used. Once user confirms selected filters he/she is taken back to a previous screen. Search results are refined. Red dot indicator shows on a filtering icon, as a reminder that some of the filters are activated.